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Code Club – Clare Sutcliffe and Linda Sandvik (United Kingdom)  A little more than a year ago (in April 2012 to be precise), Clare Sutcliffe and Linda Sanvik started 'Code Club'. “What if we were to send developers to schools to teach kids to code in after-school coding...

Yes Yes Yes – Sarah Brooks and Susi Lennox (United Kingdom) Breaking taboos by making the world's only range of natural, organically-approved lubricants and moisturizers for women. After many years of working as consultants to the pharmaceutical industries, Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks, found themselves drained by...

If you thought that mumpreneur businesses were only synonymous with kid related products and services than think again. Case in point Founded in 2004, Swedish company Bemz is the brainchild of Canadian mum of two Lesley Pennington. It was whilst decorating her newly purchased Summerhouse...