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Kid & Coe (USA) – Proof that stylish holiday rentals and families do go hand-in-hand

Kid & Coe (USA) – Proof that stylish holiday rentals and families do go hand-in-hand

Founder(s): Zoie Kingsbery Coe


One of the many stunning proprieties on offer for style starved parents.

When you plan your family summer holiday, do you picture feeding your little ones the hotel’s ‘kid menu’ option of dinosaur turkeys for the fifth night in a row? What if you could swap out the early-morning race to the sunbeds for a baby-proofed villa in Mexico complete with a private swimming pool? That’s exactly what’s on offer from Kid & Coe, an online holiday rental marketplace showcasing über stylish properties which are also child-friendly.

Born in the USA in early 2013, Kid & Coe and its beautifully-designed website proves that you needn’t be confined to a ten-storey resort with a lobby covered in the wet footprints of a hundred other kids. What we think is truly special about Kid & Coe, and what sets it apart from the likes of AirBnB, is that you can find a white-washed gem in Santorini, complete with a cot in the bedroom and a play group down the cobblestoned road. Better still, we love that every home is handpicked by founder and mum, Zoie Kingsbery Coe, and her well-travelled team so that there’s bound to be the perfect fit for any family.

Zoie used to spend a lot of time and energy scoping out potential accommodation when her family travelled the world with her musician husband for tours. Were there playgrounds nearby and which local restaurants offered more than just a fun-sized pizza?original.png.jpeg

She began to see the wealth of knowledge local parents could offer and after friends and family increasingly came to her for tips on travelling as a family, she saw an opportunity for a business. Overseeing her husband’s international business gave her the flexiblity and management skills for a good foundation in launching her own, but she still needed a kick into action.

“For years I contemplated starting my own business. Making myself stop thinking about it and actually taking action was by far the hardest part,” says Zoie. “Once you get going, it’s one foot in front of the other and you try to figure it out as you go along. I had a son already, but having a baby girl was what pushed me. I never wanted to say to her you can do anything as long as you try, without really giving it a try myself.”

As with most ventures and adventures, it wasn’t an easy start. Kid & Coe’s team is made up of wanderluster parents scattered from the UK to Ibiza and whilst this means that staff members can be hands-on with collecting local travel advice, scheduling across multiple time zones (not to mention clocking in late night shifts after the children went to bed) was a challenge, especially in those crucial early days. But building on the excitement of the staff and the parents who love to host and travel, Kid & Coe is discovering child-happy homes away from homes from Jamacia to Sweden to Bali.

From this beachy hideaway in Jamaica to hidden gems in Ibiza, you'll find a property tailored to you.

From this beachy hideaway in Jamaica to hidden gems in Ibiza, you’ll find a property tailored to you.

Here at MMB HQ, what speaks best to our hearts aside from all the beauty of the properties, is Kid & Coe’s mission to ‘bring the kids’ and to make family holidays relaxing from start to finish. Families shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or style and, thanks to Zoie and her team, now they don’t have to. is pretty much Zoie’s child-friendly checklist on a larger scale, so you don’t have to do any of the scouting except browse through dreamy locations. All properties on the site adhere to Kid and Coe’s child safety standards so you can rest easy and the owners, who are almost always parents too, share their expert tips on the local area.

Kid & Coe have hit a sweet spot in the travelling market, with the trend of local immersion predicted to explode this year. Hotels are expected to focus on ‘travel experiences’, such as offering membership to local running groups as part of their package deal or advertising the local favourite eatery rather than a Michelin-starred restaurant. And here Kid & Coe are, offering gorgeous rentals owned by locals complete with extensive advice on how to live like a local family, and all without the bustle of other tourists.

If you find yourself browsing the ever-so-inviting locations across the globe but worry about your pocket being emptied, it’s worth noting that a lot of Kid & Coe guests fund their holiday through being hosts themselves. To sweeten the deal even more, properties start at €72 per night while the cost of family hotel rooms are consistently on the rise. Tempted? Of course you are, so head on over to the website and start planning some beautiful family memories.




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Babou Olengha-Aaby

Babou is the founder of The Next Billion

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