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INGRI:DAHL revolutionizing the 3D movie viewer’s experience one retro shade at a time. (NO/US)

INGRI:DAHL revolutionizing the 3D movie viewer’s experience one retro shade at a time. (NO/US)

INGRI:DAHL – Einy and Kine Paulsen (Norway & USA)

A visionary business offering a different point of view!

ingridahl glasses

LA based INGRI:DAHL is a eyewear company with strong Norwegian roots and one which is slowly transforming the boring world of 3D glasses with the introduction of it’s high fashion, high fun, 3D retro shade’s collection for movie viewers.

We love 3D movies, but what we don’t love are the geeky glasses provided to watch the films with. Nor did Einy and Kine Paulsen, two Norwegian born, twin sisters who studied at the University of Southern California. They saw their first 3D film together and knew they’d found the brilliant business idea they’d been seeking – cool 3D glasses for stylish cinemagoers.

The twins had always wanted to start a business. It was just a question of finding the right idea. Like all great entrepreneurs the Paulsens were open to new concepts and constantly examining the world around them to find insightful opportunities for business creation. Their chic 3D glasses launched in 2011 and a second INGRI:DAHL collection was part-funded through the crowdfunding platform – Kickstarter.

Kine Paulson believes setting up an enterprise with somebody you’re close to is a great idea. As twins they don’t ‘even always need to use words to communicate’ which is a distinct advantage as it speeds up their decision-making. It also works well that with one of them in Norway and the other in California, they cover those time-zones as one person. She says that it’s difficult to tell if there are ‘female specific’ challenges to starting a business as a female entrepreneur, but they’ve definitely found they are less likely to be taken seriously because they are so young … they were just 23 when they started INGRI:DAHL and still describe themselves as ‘no kids, no pets’.Ingri_Dahl-5_large

Using the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter meant their relative youth became less of a negative feature and after succeeding there, the twins went on to enter the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest to win a Superbowl advert in 2014 – more evidence of their ability to combine creative ideas with dynamic business strategy and development. Even the name of their enterprise is inspiring – a nod at two great Scandinavians artists: Ingrid Bergman, Swedish Hollywood starlet best known for her role in the cult classic movie Casablanca – and Roald Dahl, famed British children’s novelist born to Norwegian parents and bestselling author of ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’.

INGRI:DAHL’s highly insightful approach to enterprise has led to success in one of the most demanding fields for entrepreneurs – fashion. Their glamorous 3D specs, based on the Hollywood glory days of the ‘30s and ‘40s, were used at The Great Gatsby premiere, where the film’s stars wore INGRI:DAHL glasses. Astute use of social media allows them, and their fans, to ‘spot’ their specs on celebrities and circulate the images, as well as achieving editorial coverage in Vogue, Glamour and TrendHunter Fashion.

Prices for their retro shades range from $29.99 to $49.99 and are available in the USA and Canada through online retailers Chictopia, Woogiewoo, US Trendy and AHAlife,

In interviews, Einy and Kine radiate a love of life and relish for entrepreneurship, Kine’s advice to entrepreneurs is simple, ‘Follow your passion and work hard. Don’t give up, you’ll meet a lot of challenges, but that makes the successes so much more rewarding.’

We love the cool stylish appearance of their glasses, a real marriage of form and function that makes going to the cinema a double delight and we love the way these women have found a way to turn their passion for entrepreneurship into a thriving business that’s as fashionable as it is useful – a double win for the twins!

Are there other forms of technology that could benefit from a style injection?


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Babou Olengha-Aaby

Babou is the founder of The Next Billion

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