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Access2 Norway 3rd Edition Jan 10: Take a Seat at The Table

Access2 Norway 3rd Edition Jan 10: Take a Seat at The Table

Calling all female entrepreneurs in Norway! We’re so very excited to announced that for the 3rd edition of #Access2we’ve teamed up with STARTUPLAB and She Community to give female entrepreneurs access to a whooping 30 of #Norway’s top industry leaders & entrepreneurs.

The concept is simple. On 10th January, 30 hosts will welcome 8 female entrepreneurs each to their homes (yes their real homes!) for dinner to share their insight, advice, knowledge and experience with you on how to build an grow your business.

Why Access2?

At The Next Billion, we want to raise the economic potential of female-led businesses from across the world, with access to networks. skills, markets and finance. With the launch of Globally Spotted, we want  to help innovative women gain visibility and recognition through the power of crowds and social amplification. Access2 is our contribution to gain access to a wider network of influencer and markets, to forge relationships and accelerate growth.

There are 200 seats available. So will you come sit at the table on 10th Jan 2017?

To Apply go to Deadline to apply is December 21, 2016.

Priti Ambani
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