About Us - The Next Billion
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What we do


We are a for-impact for-profit driven startup passionate about women’s economic empowerment.

We  leverage technology and the power of the Crowd  to build products and service that raise the visibility and confidence of women in business; empowering them to be seen, to be found, to be discovered, to be recognised. We are also committed to delivering products that drive more diversity and mindfulness in business, minimising unconscious bias.



Why do we do what we do?


Because we believe that raising the visibility of women in business is a key step towards unlocking women’s economic potential, adding $28 trillion to the annual Global GDP.


Because we believe that it’s high time we stop to recognise the  invaluable contribution that over 1 billion women make daily – through business – to our national and global economies as well as the wellbeing of our families, communities and planet.



Our Impact Goal 


To raise the visibility of 1,000,000,000 women in business by 2030.


Our impact goal directly supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Team

70. Babou Olengha-Aaby – The Next Billion

Email: babou@thenextbillion.global

Babou Olengha-Aaby

Founder & CEO
Laura-Ann Morrison

Email: laura@thenextbillion.global

Laura-Ann Morrison

Head of Visibility / Picture Editor
Ondrej Pekarek

Email: ondrej@thenextbillion.global

Ondrej Pekarek

Head of Growth / CFO
Les Copeland

Email: les@thenextbillion.global

Leslie Copeland

Head of Editorial & Content
Vanessa Mbamalu

Email: vanessa@thenextbillion.global

Vanessa Mbamalu

Global Spotters Network Lead



Åsa Roth


Servane Mouazane


Ian Phipps


Meera Bhatia